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The best Chrono Trigger flash to date.

period. This movie was just jaw dropping. Animation was awesome, and I hope you make Lavos core fight some day. This is a model flash (even though it was spriteless ;) )

Very good job, lets hope this movie pushes the envelope to Wade and Tom to make a Chrono Trigger collection.

I fail to see the hype

it's good to see a sprite movie on front page, but i fail to see much of a hype. there wasnt actually much action besides the headline bar (motion tween). Plus the alien guy really got annoying.

very good

i thought the animation was outstanding. the fat bird thing was quite adorable.

don be idiots

the guy didn't die. it'd be on ng or his site maybe even a new site too. he's still alive

this one really sucked

i usaully drink some vodka before voting to cloud my judgment, but apparently i wasnt wasted enough to 5 this.

speaks the truth loudly.

racism in the USA certainly got a push thanks to that jackass. I guess he feels blacks are still getting the shit end of the stick. I laughed at the Wendys part. Nice job.

exellent flash - toot still has it

ignore lazy morons like Veerwhil, who hasn't passed Elementry school. It's their fault if they can't enjoy a flash cause it has story. This FF movie was exellent, keep it up

Tootbook responds:

I do still have it ol' chap...i still do :)


finally, a non suck foamy movies. This gets a damn 5. Nice seeing Bedn raping Foamy after getting out of jail. Ignore the foam heads, this is sweet. sequel. please.

Frankiedaman responds:

Series hopefully :) Stay tuned!

lol that was great

i was trying to follow the song from end to start, got lost till the house looks like shit (Fry lock part)

Nice job, freaks me out a bit.

Saved the day

seeing how FOAMY got front page somehow, this saved the day. SS, please, after today I think my Foamy movie deserves another shot, it had an accurate point.

Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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