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worthy watchings on newgrounds.

House fan girls seem that crazy, and House, seems that creepy.


good animation, too short clips. TF2 was the best scene, though I honestly didn't laugh the whole time....

Arkuni responds:

Too bad, but I think we'll both survive anyway.


looking at anon's army, was shocked to see no South Park refrences there

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A fun game by the S.S.

This was actualy a good game. while the loner it presses on, the harder it gets, you can see it took me 3 tries to get to Rank 7 :) i like how after you get 10,000 score the BG changes, so I assume at 20,000+ it changes. Gets very hard, but the only strategy i can offer is this:

*Keep your crosshair box closer to Wade. the closer it is, the faster your shots will respond, especially at a different angle. I found a spot where i could make the slightest movement and it changes the spot, this would be around the neck, a nice spot if you need to shoot up and left very fast.

*The stars take about 5 hits each before you hit them off the screen, it's best to spam shots at them so you knock them off the screen. Otherwise it's a number game.

Rhete responds:

Very perceptive, first person to mention that the background changes exactly at 10,000 points :)

No background change at 20,000 though, since its really hard to make it that far. The stars do get even more agressive at that point though

As for the stars health, its random between 4 and 5, so you were right again there

Thanks for the review :)

another no effort game

It's a pity you don't stick to YAFM, cause games like this really make you look bad.

Graphics: I gave you a one seeing how all of them are just stolen pictures you probably got from google.

Style: I gave you a zero since this has been done too much. Originality, do you have it?

Sound: I heard stuff, the comments were lame, however.

Violence: Zero.

Interactivity: helped increase my headache and was a game.

Humor: Lame children jokes, such as "My blind grandma could have got this right."

Overall: 2

this game was really weak, and boring. I recommend people skip this unless they want to see censored pictures found right off google.

some wrong facts though

Shinryuu is NOT the strongest boss in FF5. Granted he drops Ragnorak, but can be taken down if you level your party to Master level dragoon. omega is the hardest boss, harder than Neo exdeath.

Otherwise the facts we're pretty on the ball.

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Well done

came out clear and beautiful for me, nice piano song, leaves a mysterious feeling at the start with the echos.

Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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