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crazy shit

lil bit too cartoony, no?


seeing how i saw star wars a couple minutes ago, this was awesome. nj.


"Author's comments: lol, i have never played final fantasy in my life, enjoy"

Then why make a movie on a game you don't know shit of. Black mages aren't evil. Man this sucked so bad I just hit the 0 and hit the [x] in the corner. You fail on so many levels.

Shinodan360 responds:

cause the sprites r cool

it wasnt bad

i was expecting a done movie not a demo. And your spelled "Coming" wrong.

another awesome installment

yet...a 3.46? As I been saying, the lack of respect for sprite animations on NG is disgusting. This deserves much much higher for the work you put in.

DanyLaporte responds:

:S yeah...there was a big effeort in this work....but heh whatever...:S...looks like some people didnt like it....lol whatever thx for the review hardcore!

Never to finish the series?

It's been 2 years, your site vanished along with you and your fans. I guess the end will never come?

Holy Shit in a cone


I noticed the Auto-life was basically FFXI's reraise, but still, that was possibly one of the best movies i seen in months. Nice job!

a powerful movie

very moving, not what i expected with 1 of those "cliffhangers" did she do it, or not?

Another Exellent Installment

Besides grammar issue (Cyan said Didin't) This was a respectful movie. Now my review:

-How did Cyan and Mog not see the blood or Gogo's corpse for 2 hours...it was feet away, unless your saying the battle zones are miles long in 1 zone VS another (Magitek Vs Forest)

-Why did Gogo die to a wimp like Shadow?

-Mog's death was rather expected, i wish you put a stabbing sound it to make it more 'dramatic'

-Cyan still speaks with modern tongue. His ingame speak is old english (Shakespear) so you may want to fix it.

-Where's everyone else? (Leo, etc)

Otherwise gj. Sorry I didn't notice this 5 days ago. Keep it up.
This score is too low. 3.08 is B-U-L-L_S-H-I-T


SneakyBrothers responds:

I know Cyan speaks like this "thou" and "thy" stuff. Its just I'm not too good at it but I can always try (hope I don't mix 'em up).
Shadow is no wimp! :D He's a ninja, an assasin. =)
Reason why Leo wasn't in this part was that there's so many characters that they can't all be in same part. But in part 3 more information will be revealed about Celes. And also about Shadow's betrayal. There will most likely some new (unexpected or expected) characters that will take part in this series.
Thank you for your review.


cleverly done, reminds me of Robo Cop.

Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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