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fairly good

wish i had more humor than the face squish thing, though.

vince, your slippin'

can you just finish The Day After? Jeez, this who Shin thing lost my interest and I was involved in it. Lets see:

Graphics: Everyone loves Sprites!
Style: I love Star Wars
Sound: George Lucas is dialing his lawyers.
Voilence: The fight side was completely one sided. Even in TDALD (by Shin) you n I got some attacks in.
Interactivity: Hot DVD menu and shit.
Humor: I laughed. Maybe it's cause I'm under the influence? Maybe not.

Overall: 7/10

Note: Get on AIM.

Vinstigator responds:

I don't get it. Last time I showed it to you, you said "I want to be a part of this! Let me do a scene or something". But now it seems like you changed your mind completely. Oh well, that just caught me off guard lol. But anyway, George Lucas is definately suing someboday, I just hope it isn't me ;P

this 1 let me down

I hope #3 will be better. This 1 had something missing. This 1 just...lacked in all spots...

Not as good as first

this 1 was bad. The tristan part saved you. 5/5

A serious review

Intro: I like this song, and the DVD feature is always nice. I hate how they reloop though.

J00BIE: The link between EMO and Linkin Park was hillarious. Still, some graphics lacked. 7/10

Aubergine Clock: Best movie. Period. 10/10

Twostar: this really didn't deserve a spot in allstar. Was there anything after the part when he fell? 4/10

Jetninja: Cute. Pope a Nazi. The music made the whole episode. 10/10

Vozz: Nice song, but it really was a slide show. 4/10


pull the microphone out of your throat and speak straight.

krulz133 responds:

sure, ill remind my friend that

That....was......fucking awesome

I have never laughed so hard. The whole Tristan being gay was great. i'm sending this to my friends.


EternitySpent responds:

Thank you. I mean come on, Tristan is so obviously gay, that its not funny.... or maybe it is.

there's a deep meaning

i don't understand the deep meaning. basically Sarah (the main character's girlfriend) died for whatever reason. In sleep he relived the painful memory of his last convorsation with her. In 1 hand was her necklace. in the other was a tiny knife. He cut his wrists so he could go with her to the great beyond. But I don't exactly see why.

Drakonais responds:

One of many layers of this onion, my friend, although you got deeper than most of Newgrounds.

meh, it was ok

smoke the thief and PBJ and Shang's DBZ trans been used too much. recycled material.

*Stand Ovation*

That was awesome. -NES- had the best. I wish you got me in on this. Hey, no vince movie?

Mightydein responds:

Thanks, -NES- will be pleased you liked his scene.

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