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funny stuff man

"dump this gasoline in a furnace"

Oh man, i was laughing my ass off. I want some sequels please. ^^

great, wish it had a story though

i play on Midgardsormr. Recently out gil sellers all got optical hats (yeh took them this long), so i guess i can relate to this, lol. Nj.

what a exellent sprite movie *standing ovation*

I loved it. Your skill, tecnique and your ideas are exellent. Look like you can teach me plenty of things in flash. I always knew you had potential. Nice job, I want to see more. Lol, Leo Sighting! Too bad he's more of a villian in this movie :/

SneakyBrothers responds:

I had to look up the word ovation from the dictionary :P Thank you.

not bad, but plenty of room for improvement

first off this was too short, this must have been a pilot movie, yes?

The fight was pretty bad you ripperd 2 images of Sabin using blitz, but atleast you got pummel down. I wish you put story on why only Sabin and Terra were wandering alone in the world. Is this post or pre Kefka?

Banon never actually died, he just went missing when the world openned and people think he became gogo or duncan or just vanished, in these sort of games you can't assume persay, so it would have been wiser to use General Leo as he is deceased (though Gameshark can revive him).

Not bad, I hope your next movie is longer and not as choppy.

very well done

i'm a big FMA fan, I like how Shadow was Mustang, Mighty was Maes Hughes (the best character, imo). It was all good, just that I don't know why you chose Robotnick/Eggman to be Pride (Bradley). Good job none the less

The best movie on Newgrounds. Period.

This is the best movie on NG, possibly the Internet. You out did yourself again. This was a cute movie with spectacular graphics and thankfully had the lil yellow bird guy. I love him! I await your sequel, but do not rush it. I love your work man, this'll withstand time itself.

i'm a big mortal kombat fan and all...

but this movie was too corney. The subway part was probably your best. Numa-Numa is old and dead, and stealing other author's whole "Smoke the Thief" stuff makes you very unoriginal.

The whole WWE Kane thing was pretty...well, weak as Kane sucks in general.


was good until the end

was very good until the dumb bob saget part. What? run out of ideas?

Digital-Spawn responds:

Read authors comments.

another awesome addition

while i felt this episode wasn't as funny as #2 and #3, I still loved it all the same. it was great that Taps Man killed Slightly Bruised man. Gj, and I hope Angerman makes a return. :)

One of the worst Halo parodies.

Come on man. You had my hopes up. I thought it was going to suck when you opnned it with Star wars theme, but i decided to watch it through.....and was very disappointed.

The first thing I'll discuss is your humor. You had alot of it but it was so lame and childish that I didn't even think of cracking a grin.

Graphics were fine as was sound. Now we move to story.

Possibly one of the best missions in Halo, and you managed to make it worst than Libary. I mean, Chief wasn't in most of it. Hell you had it so chief was at a "pizza party". How boring. Next the 2 stupid main characters (who don't exist in the game) go in a disguise, like the Covenant is dunb enough to believe they're in their ranks. Yeh, ok.

At the prison, they clear the room of guards by saying "Pizza party"
Come on. This was like the 3rd mentioning and it was lame.

The whole Dr. evil thing was pointless. At this stage in the game, you or anyone else doesn't know Halo is a weapon.

The whole anvil thing was very very stupid, and if you used that to end scenes you should personally hang your head in shame. And to top it off, the Halo's "O" killed everybody because YOU ran out of ideas. What a bad way to end a bad story huh?

I'm giving you a one, and that's only because of the animation. This flash spontniously combusts when in the presence of any other Halo movies, and even though there was multiple authors in TSAH, you should have been able to be better than atleast one of them. I feel you owe me my time back, and from the reviews I read, I'm not alone.

Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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