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Bravo man! Awesome work!

Definatelyquality to take first place. Besides the awesome graphics we seen the ultimate twist in story of a fairy tale, and I loved it. I like the anime style of the characters, namely, the hunter. He seemed very bad ass and noble and I was rooting for him the entire story. It was clear at the end the wolf out matched him, but I don't think the wolf killed him, the wolf only clearly killed the Narrator, the mother and Red Riding Hood.

Very very good movie, this is going on my favorites. I hope to see more work of this calibur in your future, as I am a fan of your Zelda series.

not bad at all

little too much racism for my taste, but it wasn't bad. I enjoy te series and I liked the ending with New Orleans. nj.

good job

but i still miss the days it had more humor, cursing and crazy shit, like in milkman and bfm2

not bad, despite overused jokes

usaully I hate MK movies because they're same jokes milked to death, thankfully the Shao Kahn/Rock segment at the end made my day. Just headsup, there's rumors that Eddie's death is fake and he's going to return at WrestleMania. I know sounds far off, but it can happen. Good job.

mwhahaha awesome

I thought it was going to be boring at the Knuckles part, but thankfully I was saved by Tails' presence. "Guess what, Sonic's dead!"
(screaming) *blam*

humor, i love it


just...awful. use the game story FF7 left please!

wasn't bad

Needs better story than the love triangle the game left us with, plus Cecil killed his darkness in the game, therefore he could never return to Dark Knight. If he did somehow Zeromus would respawn as well.

DannyP responds:

Ah, but Zeromus DID respawn, incase you didn't notice that ending.

Pretty damn good TT

Very nice. Sonic too, I would've wanted to be part of this since I'm a very old school Sonic fan. I don't know who some of the characters were (The Chick with Wings and the Bunny girl) seeing how I haven't played a Sonic game outside of the Sega Genesis platform. Anyways, review.

Squarehard: you get the best credit, because only you used Tails right (my favorite character at that). In the other author's works, Tails just got owned without any say. I like how you used old school Sega sprites, and I like how you mixed all of Ivo's bots into one. Tails saves the day too :D

ShadowWarriorLuke: Alot of action, I liked....but I was hoping for more of a story :/

Cheeks: dead Tails and that annoying voice >.< I liked the fight, the boss from Sonic 3 end. and the off button was just silly.

Kaosboy85: Good flash, though it scared me seeing them attempt to sing.

Luigi_Dude12: The top artist of this submission, length, fight, and used freaking Knuckles' end boss from S&K! I was overjoyed to see him use the emerald too. Didn't care for the whole Shadow thing, and Tails looked pathetically weak.

Xanadu32: Didn't like the song all too much, but I admire the work put into it. Very good, Tails got humiliated, but I expected it at this point. I like how Sonic froze in the atmosphere too. Very nice.

Overall: 10

Loved it, too bad Tails had to be slapped around like a little bitch. :/

Oh I like the scene selection song....don't remember zone, but it was from Sonic 3 level 2 >.<

good, just childish humor

i think if you show a 10 year old this he'll laugh because of Mario cursing. Otherwise this movie's humor was simply...weak. I didn't smile and I thought Mario saying "fuck" to about every situation was just stupid. I made movies, sprites at that. I understand this was certainly alot of work, and I acknowledge this work put in, but the humor of this piece was lacking. Well congrats on front page, feature and collection.

SebastianLopez responds:

everyone has different humor....
even a 40 year old (virgin??? O_o) can laugh with this.
anyway, we know this requires work,


i saw this before on your site. Your work is so impressive. I been waiting so long to see this, and well, it is a big success as I seen. Your work inspired me to create flash, hopefully this one will help relight that spark.

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