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jetninja's was interesting. Earth getting owned by a meteor is gonna happen, atleast the moon things found love huh?

M. Chocobo's was loud, almost woke my mom up. Though i didn't know what was going on I was laughing, and that's all that counts.

Psychoworm's was a nice FBF, lol Fisty beat the british boxer (his mustache made him look Italian)

Mine, it was funny when I made, just change "Life on...." to "life of..."
A typo i missed :/

Now, i read some people saying "I hopped sides". Talk to Nohimn, I been backing you guys for well over a month. I don't really got beef (per say) with the Stars themselves, and daily2oons lets me have fun with flash.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

fixed sir, thanks for the review aight


didn't seem to Final Fantasy like. This is more Newgrounds RPG. Granted Tom was Bartz as a white mage, just the battle sequence doesn't declare it Final fantasy.

I really don't understand the, shall I say "hype" for this serious is coming from. The story is dry, the background and the characters do not mix, and you had tricky in there.

I know you'll sequel this many times, after all your getting into 2 collections with half the work. Sorta gives a black eye to other spriters who try.

I been telling you forever, you are the Future....

Your the future of spriters. In time you'll surpass me, Tootbook, and Vince. You can save the spriter's reputation. i'll support you in every man. Exellent work your fight styles are above average. You are the future, and the future looks good.

SneakyBrothers responds:

Thank you. Let's hope I don't fail your expetations.

piece of shit

they aired this on the simpsons a few weeks back.

Go figure, worthy movie gets low score

I'm not astonished this got a low score. Talent seems to be denied in the portal unless it's from illwillpress, legendaryfrog, waterman or Randy Solemn. Keep trying man. You got my 5/5

TheMasterOfSprites responds:

Thanks HAcoreRD.

An Amazing Flash Movie

The way you portraited the characters (Alex and Chris) was well done.

Granted it was a massacre, but seeing how Alex was assaulted in the rest room earlier in te movie may change people's opinions of them being random psychopaths.

I like how they did show mercy. They spared the lives of David and Andy, whom they could have shot at any time and not gave a shit about.

Very well done. 5/5

Scarping the septic tank

The summary describes you future and what this movie is like. I'm glad to see you used me just so anyone who braved to watch this can see I had a good point. Your fellow Glock Group members are even turning on you, that's pretty bad. Hell one of your movies was taken from the other one I reviewed today. Either animate better or free fall off a curb.


i agree with the message, just that i'm not too approvalistic of stealing a ending. w/e atleast it wasnt done shittily.

Ter0nik responds:

I didn't steal it, I imitated it =D

Some sexy shit there

i love ugly bastard's "Temper Tantrum" movie, the rest followed up as awesome. Very nice work. I hope you get a award+front page. That'll blow people away.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

I hope so too, but Newgrounds is gay, and we all know that :(

It wasn't bad I suppose

Is this series just made to disrespect video games? In your past episode you rode Square's Ass on the whole Black Mage thing, and here you did it again. And Waterga is hardly the best Black Magic spell. I'm beginning to wonder if you played the final fantasy games.

Otherwise you got some new jokes and those boring recycled jokes of "watching ice melt". That's so old and unoriginal.

I think the animation is good but the story was weak. Very weak.

The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

The series isn't made to disrespect video games. Its made to honour and appreciate them. And I only said Waterga was the best water elemental spell, not black magic. That'd be ultima, or meteor.

Thanks for watching.

Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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