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Dick jokes were over done

After the first minute, minute and a half, you ran out of fresh material and redid everything over and over.

This is not what i wanted.

The only movie i liked today

SS brings a smile to my face every day

retr0smash responds:

oh my

Not bad, pretty accurate too.

This is, sadly, how some people's lives go. He couldn't break his cycle, only disrupt it.

I was expecting him to shoot himself instead of hanging, but the rope creeking added to the movie.

funny at first, but becomes boring

I chuckled at first, especially at the Hyper beam part, but then it started repeating, i closed after Blue got his 2nd phone call

you're back atleast

Nice to see the reoccuring theme of Shin and Moogle in there (arcade). Nice job.

Vinstigator responds:

Thaks HC! Nice to see you back as well buddy :D

Made of Win

Awesome death movie to Foamy. Thank you, and I liked the spookyness of the well where the reaper dumped Foamy. Very nice.


i liked it.

well here's #9

looking at views, i think this episode didn't get much attention/reaction from NG, Logo. Heck it was like this after the Stars messed with you. Maybe TooF is dead?

unoriginal, and childish

let me sum the movie up. This flash appeals to children, or people with that mentality mind set. Basically, it's a flash movie of a retarded "toad".

Scene 1: Fart joke, and nothing original or funny. Farting fire balls was funny when I was in first grade.

Scene 2: Arnie falls in the water, gets saved and (willingly) falls back in, the fish rolls his eyes and the angry sun plays a camo. Nothing funny.

Scene 3: Arnie kills Mario and Bowzer, then princess. Luigi tries to save her (with yoshi), fails are drops a bleeped F-bomb. Another funeral scene with Arnie running in (obvious), and knocks their bodies out. Interesting to note: Since Peach and Mario fell into lava, their skeletons would have been melted/broken down too.

Overall a 3. You animate sprites well, but Mario is overused, and your jokes appealed to children.

Randy-Solem responds:

First off, I wanna thank you for being a moron by spoiling the whole movie for everyoone who hasnt seen it. (hopefully most dont read reviews before watching)
2nd I wanna ask you why you would even do this since you hated the movie so much...boggles my mind why you would write so much over something you don't like.
And lastly you obviously never played a mario game if it bothered you that Mario and Peaches skeletons didnt "melt". For example..in New Super Mario Brothers the same thing happens to Bowser, he falls in the lava, and his son uses his bones and a magic cauldron to resurrect him. But not only that, IT'S A CARTOON! Does it bother you that mushrooms make mario grow,, or that turtles fly?

As for my Jokes appealing to children....no shit sherlock.


Flair is god. That simple. It's a pity WWE wonyt give him one last title run.

MaddFlash2 responds:

no duh!

Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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