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i hate it

The idea coulda been something, but all you did was steal a .wave file from Futurama, and disgraced the Final Fantasy sprites by having them act out such a crappy skit from Futurama's crappiest episode. Next time please use them more accordingly and not some remix.

very creepy

i admire your work, your like Steve King. But i want Burnt Faceman more, that and Milkman. You lost that sadistic edge i liked

I only liked 1 movie out of those :`(

My hat goes too to UglyBastard's flash. The kid's temper tantrum nearly had me crying from laughter.

Kefka is pink ruined the future of the series

I was going to take one last serious look at this serious, and when I saw Kefka in pink...acting like a child (possibly gay, don't know yet), all hopes for this series ignited like dry trees in California.

Graphics: I'm a sprite lover/artist, but the backgrounds don't really work, however I can see your trying to get them to mix. The animation is below average. The characters appear on scene (Guard in Kefka's chamber). If Kefka's men can teleport then whether he's a pansy wont stop him or his dumb floor from ruling the earth. The fight scenes were weak, however the shadow flight of Frionel was the real eye opener for me.

Style: This plot is too messed up. Your trying to be original, yet this plot is already stale at episode three, and Shadow sparing the guy? Come on.

Sound: Is a big piece of crap. My ears bled. Did you put a microphone up to your TV with your SNES hooked up and record? seriously, in this rare case silence is better, much better.

Violence: 8 bit characters on 16 bit background isn't easy to pull off, I know first hand, but it seems majority of the characters are 8 bit...
The blood spills to fast, the fight scenes are also pretty lame.

Interactivity: I had to click crap and write this review. That's as much as I can interact with.

Humor: Was I supposed to find anything funny?

Overall = Zero

Sorry man, but this series is taking a bigger nose dive then I was predicting it would. First off you submit once a day. If anyone on NG recalls, I did this in the past, pulled off higher score till my true flash buds taught me Quality is better than Quantity. Noone gives a crap about a 100 episode saga of a stationary edited sprite of Kefka (which ruined any hope of recovery since there are a mass of Kefka fans), it's about the story, action and how the fans enjoyed it. This...wont get you a award, or a name for yourself on NG. My friends and myself already got a award and name for ourselves. It's time to guide the next wave of sprite artists, and pretty much, I'm saying this series will go no where in no time.

Your hope is to train, practice, maybe have a 'big wig' check it before you submit. Your passing movies on NG, but if they continue like this people will just open movie, let it load, close window, slam you a 0-3 score and move right along. This will be my last big review for you. This is here to help you. Read this, analyze it, watch my later movies (you can see literal evolution from Warfare 1-X) and I pray the next time I review your movie it will be a step up the ladder. That is all.

RuffNTumble responds:

Once again you review my flash, once again I have to tell you to fuck off and leave me alone.

i had no idea what was going on

MP3 clock's was the best only cause i was laughing at the comb in the guy's afro for a long while.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

yeah, this daily 2oon was definately one of the... bad... ones.

Once again fails

Lets see, in the Black Mage/Shadow/Edge scene not only did they choppily walk (Frame by Frame i assume) the background changed size, highly noticeable.

Kefka's laugh ripped through my speakers like a knife through butter, my god it sounded shitty. The guys just glided, don't their feet move?

All in all you need to try harder, and please don't use Chrono Trigger background with FF. that's really all.

RuffNTumble responds:

I couldnt find any sprites for walking forwards. Oh and stop reviewing my series if you hate it so much. Because you like action and no plot. And thats not what my movies are about. There not just a bunch of random action sequences like FF warfare.

God awful

Your part of the reason people vote low on sprite movies. Before you give me a noobish "Fuck you" reply like you did last movie, why don't you look facts up. I was on front page, I got several awards, I know what I'm talking about.

Edge's jump sucked. Edge have a balloon up his ass to have him jump, do a 160 degree turn in mid air and land? Seriously, it's bad. I tried mixing FF characters between worlds (FF: Warfare) and your using one of those basic stories with the old "dimension switch". Really doesn't fit.

So your series will be another choppy fight, one sided movie? Then I suggest you aim for 2.85 scores and below. Go for originality and try to use more sprites in their actions. Viewers would rather see sprites change pose than 1 single sprite glide across screen.

Perhaps you can learn from this, if not expect the score you got for this (and possibly your original). You can curse me out in your responce, but it'll just simply show viewers that unless you recieve a 9 or 10 in review they're a asshole no nothing.

RuffNTumble responds:

GOD DAMMIT! Why can't anyone just wait to see what the plot will be like!!! Its not gonna be some one sided choppy long ass fight sequence OKAY. You'll see don't worry.

totally unexpected

I sorta figured something random would happen, but the egg eating it was the last though. i figured the hatchling would. Nj, keep it up....poor chicken.

Cheesius responds:

Yes, poor chicken... But it was sacrificed for a good purpose... To make you laugh. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


try harder, make it longer and perhaps a better story. Otherwise next time it will be blammed.

RuffNTumble responds:


Typical Star Shit

And on the 4th of July too. Man there's no end to your wickedness.

TearClock responds:

b thj,kyhop

Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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