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2.60? That's BS

The score doesnt project what this movie is worth. This should be 3.50+! I mean, sure the spells lacked sounds, but the action and story rocked. Plus Leo whooped ass. Sneaky don't give up man, you got potential!

SneakyBrothers responds:

Thank you! =)


so according to your movie, you solve violence with violence. That defeats any purpose of this movie.

pretty good

Grats on the award, you earned it.

Anyways, there were quite a lot of spelling errors, and you got Clyde/Baram story a bit off (again) seeing how Baram died in a cave, not outside a river {Where Gau grows up later?}.

Kefka was born with magic, as was Celes. Since they're both technically Magic Knights.

Cyan's scene: Why in the name of god would King of Doma be outside of his castle, unprotected. You should have atleast Had guards in the scene, dead or alive.
Cyan was also supposibly born in Doma when the kingdom "thrived" before Kefka poisoned the people. Also Cyan talks in more of a shakespear tongue muchless fluent english.

That's all the real "errors" I could locate. Hope they can help ya.

DanyLaporte responds:

Of course! They help me alot!! Thx to take ur time for reviewing! The only thing is that I cant fix kefka's thing....cauz in my last episode he couldnt cast magic...so thats the little probleme....
Thx alot!


damn you got this on the button, if only you added something about smokers and people who piss on the rims.

pretty damn amazing

didnt you make the Steven Seagul (or however u spell it) series? I notice he was in your movie and it sorta rung a bell.


your movie misses some facts like how Wade laid a smackdown on your 'success' on review crew, and how your possibly more hated than Clock Crew and/or Lock Legion.

oh and your responces... the whole

flash by reviewer:

Is sorta old now, hence why I stopped using it. Hey maybe your next movie wont suck. You can submit, what 2 a day? Shit better get cracking then. Cause Quantity must be better than quality, eh?

Radio-F-Software responds:

Stop whining. :)


sorry, i dont vote anything above a zero to suns ramming their cocks into people's chests.

Duckshirt responds:

oh that's ok man, I'll try harder next time

keep on smiling ;D

some plot problems

Kefka's family is Celes (his Sister) if you consider her family since they're both test tube babies. Davis and his wife never would have existed, and Kefka was always insane (from what we can define from his character).

Clyde and Baram's story was shaky as they were fought in a cavern, not the forest.

Relm is just a bitch, that part bored me.

Otherwise you got potential. Put it to good use.

DanyLaporte responds:

Hehe HAcoreRD!!! I saw most of your videos! I really enjoy that you take some of your time to help me for my videos!! I didnt know that Clydes and barams story was happening in a cavern....:S ....( Thanks for telling me! ) And for Kefka and Celes's I realized that after I did Part2 :S...So I couldnt fix that :S....
And for Relm well...( I just think like you you...shes a bitch :P )...But whatever...shes the daughter of Shadow so ill try to make a little story with her....
Thanks for the review!!!
( Sorry for my English :P:P:P:P:P )

what happened

WTF sums this up. This, was just stupid. Did you sell out Randy? This was just awful. Man never make movies like this again, please!


now i see why people say you suck. the movie is months old, so this is just at the wrong time. The jokes were so childish that I didn't grin or smile. And that ugly green/blue bitch was in this again. Either start expanding your works or just quit. Sorry for being rough, but the truth can hurt.

Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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