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HAcoreRD's News

Posted by HAcoreRD - October 15th, 2007

A follow up from my last post. Newgrounds hit rock bottom, as of October 15th, 2007.

It's bad enough Tom and Wade sold their soul to a Devil by putting foamy on our header (Yes our, NG is a community, we're part of it, it's all ours), but then they hand out a front page post and a collection spot to a piece of shit mario flash because a thread hit over 6 pages on the BBS.

The pile of dog cum can be seen here.

First thought. If this is rock bottom, is this floor glass, therefore we can fall further? I'd say yes, because another Foamy cartoon will make the front page by next week likely.

Why should I complain that they let another talentless hack take the front page? I don't know, I guess NG lost it's value over time, sort of like a open soda drink. If NG was like Wine our vintage flash would be worth more, but nope, the old users don't bother when any pile of shit makes the cut. Instead everything is shit since I can clearly pump poorly traced sprite movies out my ass like the above, put cheap text in it and make a thread on an alternate account. Maybe get 4CHAN or the Stars to post in it on Alts, BAM, front page and collection.

I should complain. Back in 2004 I got Front Page. It was an achievement. Hell friends of mine got it. I recall Tootbook and Vinstigator got front page. It was a goal like collection. Our thoughts that good work made the cut, not any piece of shit that floats down the creek. Why even bother try? For a pixel on an internet site? By next year everyone will make a tween animal bitching around a screen, and NG's front page will update by the quarter hour.

I recall Wade once argued with me when Illwillpress made "Foamy the Hurricane Special". You all remember Hurricane Katrina, right? The Cat 4/5 (whatever you want to argue since it lost strength on landfall) that raped New Orleans amongst other States? Yeah well, I made a flash that day too since if Illwill could make front page for a single frame and a looping .wav, anyone can. I of course didn't make it, mine wasn't controversial. Controversy makes cash, common fact which is why you see tit slips at the Super Bowl, or people Front paging Virginia Tech Massacre games. But how is a poorly made single frame shit ball going to make any media give attention to this site? Unless the article highlights "Talentless Hacks".

So there you have it. Give the front page and collection to anyone. Let's call up the artist who makes Brakenwood, he shouldn't try anymore. No need to, anyone can make the cut. Hell I can if I wanted to. I'll wait for the next situation the Media runs with, make some piece of shit and likely get front page. i mean, why not, if a crappy sprite movie can be pushed by BBS retards and a sell out can pump movies out and be praised, why not me?

Oh wait, because I used to put effort in, the above don't even put effort into the sexual lives, muchless taking a shit.

Closing thought. Be sure to make a BBS post on this, hell get like 30 pages and Tom and Wade and Liljim in on it. Heck, I'll make an angry animal rant about this instead of me if they front page it! If the above could get it, I can with NG sheep's help!

**Note: i'm enforcing my policy. Disagree with me, and I delete your post. Just like if you give a negative review on a movie that's 'popular' I'll be the Review Mod to cover it up like a Government conspiracy.**

Posted by HAcoreRD - October 6th, 2007

It pains me as a 2001 user to finally agree with everyone I knew on NG, be them Stars or not. NG went down the shitter. It'd seem the moderators, in and out of the forums are running rampant after tasting power, and the site is overran by children like this is a god damn Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament.

Gotta love the Review Mods more though. Deleting any review on Tankmen 2 like it's a government fucking cover up. People are entitled to their opinions and these nazis remove anything negative. Vote below a 8 and kiss that review good bye.

Childish shit. I can't help but imagine a fat ass sitting in front of the screen, sees the 0 and says to himself "How can they hate it? It had penis jokes, I enjoy penis jokes!"

NG went down the shitter, or atleast forgets how to treat people who helped it grow. So, no more flash projects for NG from me (some punishment, but fuck you), I'll pop on to 0 the top 5 movies of the day, deposit and scurry off rather than troll. Of course I'll keep resending the same constructive, yet negative review until it stays or I get review banned. I don't care, it's one website out of the internet, restrict me a account right, oh wait, you're doing it anyways.

Anything else? oh yeah. I'll act as review mod. Disagree with this post i delete your comment. Ready your CTRL+C/CTRL+V punks.