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Comments (10)

Yeah, the review mods are dicks especially. Of course we can't even try to discuss it because any of those kind of topics are banned.

I agree, I really, really agree.

NG has gone down the 'poop train' as my little brother puts it

yeah, and all this spam! I can't deal with it!!! It is horrible. Too many crews. Too many spam movies and reviews and comments. Too many mean people who act tlike they rule!

so so ture. i stop doing reviews just becouse of that. pretty soon newgrounds is going to be all spam because of so many dam crews. thats gonna suck when it happens

those fucking cock suckers gave me a fucking 30 day ban for posting fuck you in the forums. gezz, if that aint a load of fucking bullshit then i dont know what the hell it is. i honestly hope someday that somebody can figure out where these wankers fucking live so i can go and kill them all. fucking douche bags.

Dude NG went down the shitter a loooooooooooooooong time ago.

woah i actually agree completely with you mikey. This website is just not quite as fun as it used to be. Well spoken old former buddy

kidray76 is a twat in particular.

One thing I find really annoying about the Review Mods is that they probably delete flash reviews before actually watching the reviewed flashes. In my last two overly detailed reviews, I spent over an hour writing them just so they didn't get deleted. No-one should ever have to put more effort into their reviews than the flashes getting reviewed. On one flash movie I reviewed called "A nice presentation", some user wrote an entire paragraph talking about why he thought it was boring and it still got deleted. The Review Mods are fucking Nazis.

Users flag the reviews and the review mods deal with a list of reviews ranked by most flags. The mods aren't on the staff and if anyone is showing favortism, it's most likely the users of NG who are flagging bad reviews for Tankmen 2.