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So true.

good points man, i shall reconsider NG, won't stop using it, but maybe if i make some complete and utter shit (like hey, maybe a fucking foamy sprtie movie, poorly made?) it'd make the front page. not all is bad tho, some of the stuff is pretty damn decent. i respect yr views man.

i agree whole heartily with everything you say, especially about these talentless wankers that spend about 5 minutes on a cartoon and get a frontpage, while the talented among us spend up to 6 months on a cartoon just for it to dissappear into nothingness...

okay yeah that flash sucked and tru shit gets through the portal every day (kk flash) go on check portal history most of the kk crap makes it through. but dude have you ever acctually watched foamy yes the animation sucks but the guy usually makes a good point plus hes been around NG longer than u have(i think not sure) hes a staple but if u look the rest of NG's main characters are up the pico, tankmen, angryfaic, saladfingers, just to name a few so quit bitching!

Hey homo. His good points are common thoughts. So when you think "Oh it's so true, why does starbucks cost so much" no shit, common though. starbucks is over priced. Furthermore I been on NG longer than him.

Staple character. Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt, you signed up in 2006, you know NOTHING about NG's roots.

Here's what I say to you.

Newgrounds always goes through phases. Some flash suck and some flash is good. I tend to only watch daily features. As far as that shitty Mario flash getting front page. There is always tons of shit thats gets front page. I think he intentionally made it shitty. I remember back in 2001 when it was hard to get stuff passed on the portal. That flash would have got blammed.

As far as foamy goes, idk. I really haven't watched any of that shit. I just pick and choose what I watch, is what I think you should do. Fav authors that you like and only watch that stuff.

I got front page a few times. It is all about the number of views, the disccusion, and if the NG staff likes it.

I don't think Newgrounds has hit rock bottom. Most of NG is all user contribution. So if the users make crap, well then NG is crap.

I think you should make some more flash. That would rule.

Like I said before, just watch authors that you like and you will like NG better.


ill back you up all the way!

Dude, if your unhappy with how NG is heading, then uh... I don't know, don't use it anymore. let it go to the 'talentless hacks'. and who really cares how long you've been on here, things change, it's inevitable, so deal with it.

Who gives a shit. This is a website not a fucking democracy.

it's a community before just a simple website.

Why does status like front page mean anything to you? The greatest flash will always be the greatest flash to those who care about it. Why should it matter if a couple million ignorant children like something? "Newgrounds has hit rock bottom." So does everything when it becomes popular.

Remember NG for what it was, and in my opinion still is: A way to discover aspiring artists and their work.

your right, I have seen alot of shit here lately

I pretty much agree

Yeah that mario thing was a load of SHIT!!!!!

Heck, even if most people think Foamy sucks, it's still part of Newgrounds history. I don't see why it's really that bad.

Oh, you think they just front page everything they see? No way. They front page things that get awards and things they think are funny. As mentioned on the front page, the Mario thing was front paged FROM POPULAR DEMAND. Chances are, a lot of people thought it was funny, and I guess so did some of the admins.

And what's this about the Brackenwood guy? You say you could easily do just what he's doing? Go ahead and try to make "the YuYu", why don't you? And even if you could make it, I seriously doubt you could draw everything out as consistently as he does. I'll give you 3 months to make something as insanely perfect as the YuYu, ready set go.

And you're saying if anyone has a negative post, you're just going to delete it saying it's bad? If you can post your opinion, I don't see why anyone replying to this shouldn't. You're just not being fair, to the big-time animators on Newgrounds, to the users, or Newgrounds as a whole.

The comment about Brakenwood was that we should tell him not to try, because he'll get pushed off the top by shit. See: TANKMEN 2

yeah i was disagreeing with you totally but then i saw your comment about brackenwood and tankman... you're right on that, but dont forget people have different tastes and tankman is OBVIOUSLY overrated, i hate that too... it doesnt give good stuff the chances of getting to the top, just because its a popular artist and cartoon or something.

BUT about anything else, i think you're taking it too seriously, the mario cartoon was just for fun, and yes, foamy cartoons can look retardedly drawn sometimes, but they end up being funny and the staff likes it, so they get frontpage... also wi dunno why you get so pissed about foamy being in the header, get over it, its just a characyer and i dont think any other would've fitted there better (also litterally :P)....

i don't like tank man, but, your out of order, LEAVE NG ALONE YA IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!! i mean come on, everyone loves this place, your oppinion will just mess someone up, you have no right to say this stuff, you dont run ng, but its your opinion so, i can't stop you

Adam better not give up on the latest Brackenwood movie because we've already provided funding to cover the development! And it will go right up at the top of the front page when he releases it.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion about how we should run NG. A large group of users believe sprite movies should NEVER be on the front page, which wouldn't work out too well for you.

And yeah, we have Foamy on the layout. It's HALLOWEEN, you're supposed to be scared.

You can say what you want about NG, but this site has more passion and commitment than just about any site out there. If you don't enjoy what we're trying to do here, there are plenty of watered down copycat sites that may be more to your liking. Go enjoy.

Adam wont give up, but he doesn't need to try hard is my point :P

Scared of a poorly animated Squirrel? If he changed his style I'd be scared.

Sprites shouldn't be front page, well, anymore. Flash evolved, and spriters are a thing of the past, which is why I don't see to much Randy Solemn lately.

Plus I haven't made flash in over a year. I'm really done with it. I'd spew out a movie a year, but I think I'll just let it sit.

I think that brad42y402153870-81 is an alt

he MUST be

I'm going to have to disagree with your statement about sprite animations. Flash still has talented spriters out there. Look at Thwomps: The Movie, it was great, I loved it, and I usually despise sprite movies. I mean despise. It was the comedy that made it awesome. And that guy put so much effort into his sprites, he deserved it.

The Frontpage belongs to Tom, and he can do what he wants with it.

Back in the day, he Front paged a flash called "The Truth About Masturbation", it was a 5 frame loop of a tropical animal wacking off. So really Tom has front paged crap (for the lulz I suppose) in the past. It's not like a huge thing, It's just a joke.

Wait. You said you don't like sprite movies but almost all your movies are sprites.

Hasn't been 1 good sprite entry since 2005-2006. That's before you had idiot sprite users like "Meatwad Sprite" roll around.

I tolerate sprite movies, I don't make them anymore, and it's not exactly hypocritical to say i loathe majority of them, hell i don't even like majority of the ones i produced.

All very good points, and I agree with you. We can't have a utopian online community, though. There will always be mainstream people that come and go, so NG has to please them with the kind of stuff illwillpress makes. And of course, the more involved people will hate this stuff. But that's what makes up a community; all sorts of people in one place.

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