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Posted by HAcoreRD - July 6th, 2012

It's been years since i been to NG, and even longer since I did anything on the site. Such is life, especially when you out grow a fun hobby like making flash projects.

Gone are the days of me making sprite animations with Vinstigator (though we still talk), Squarehard, Tootbook (Glad I broke all ties with him), and Shin2k27 (The Paper Raper!).

I was going through the depths of one of my old hard drives and encountered some early scripts of the FF: Warfare Finale that I never made. Reason I never made it was simply because High School ended and I was moving on with my life, and lost the time to make it. Funny enough, after logging in, I had some messages from 07-09 asking about a final episode, which I cannot make. The best I can do is give the ending's plot.

I may consider asking Vinstigator to help me make the finale, but who knows, I'd have to get a whole new flash program, or whatever is used these days, relearn that, and learn about it so I can make a fitting Finale. Never the less, here's how I wanted it to end.

FF: Warfare Finale

Heroes: Locke Cole, Celes Chere, Faris, Lenna, Cloud Strife, Edgar Figaro, Sabin Figaro
Villians: Vincent, Sephiroth

Celes and Lenna save an injured, near fatal Edgar and Sabin, who were sparred death, by the use of Locke's Phoenix esper. Phoenix was able to be used due to Sephiroth's weakened state, and the loss of the tower. With the final heroes alive, Locke and Cloud lead the final attack on Sephiroth.

Sephiroth, having absorbed so many combatants, begins to lose himself. Conflicted by everyone's soul inside him, he begins to lose control. An injured Vincent approaches him, but even in his injured state, Sephiroth kills Vincent, and takes his power, which would be his undoing, as Vincent's power would cause Sephiroth to lose a lot of his powers due to Vincent's limit break.

Before the final confrontation, Sabin promises to protect Faris, and Edgar has taking a liking to Lenna. Locke and Celes embrace before what maybe their last moments alive, as Cloud looks towards his upcoming fight.

Sephiroth, engages the heroes first, unleashing an unrelenting storm of abilities, Kain's jump, Leo's Shock, Mimicing counter attacks, Cecil'sdarkwave, Kefka's goner, before transforming into various forms. Sephiroth cannot control the raging powers inside him. Celes blocks many spells with Runic, while Faris and Locke, being Ninja/Thief, attack him with speed. Lenna is wounded, as Edgar rushes with his Drill, and Sabin goes in for a Aura Cannon. Cloud observes the fight, stunned, is Sephiroth losing control, or has everyone who died are simply trying to break free?

Sephiroth defeats everyone, and Cloud approaches, the two fight and ultimately the fight comes to a stand still, 3 buttons appear, each with a different ending.

Ending A: Cloud, unleashes omni slash, killing Sephiroth. With Sephiroth vanquished, the heroes are able to once again use magic to its full potential, and revive their slain comrades. The heroes' worlds have sine merged, Lenna and Edgar rule Figaro, while Sabin and Faris live as pirates. Peace finally sets over the world, as all evil had been eliminated.

Ending B: Cloud, unleashes Omni slash, but isn't able to kill Sephiroth. Lenna, seeing no way to win the fight, regrettably casts X-Zone on Sephiroth. Not willing to die alone, Sephiroth grabs Cloud, and takes him in the X-Zone with him. With Sephiroth and Cloud gone, but not dead, there is no way to revive their friends. Lenna and Edgar still rule over Figaro as King and Queen. Faris and Sabin hook up as well, only Faris join Sabin as a monk. Locke and Celes observe a world lacking heroes, and the 6 vow to be the world's guardians until new heroes take their place.

Ending C: Sephiroth kills Cloud, and after absorbing his power, he kills the other heroes. Having absorbed everyone, he finally has noone left to fight. Sephiroth destroys all life remaining, and awaits on the ruined tower awaiting mother to return.


I envisioned this to be beautiful, even though I know I lacked the talent then (even still) to have it come out the way I wanted. Still, I figured I should post this. Any Warfare fans deserve to know how it'd end, like I wanted to know how Splashkhat's Final Fighting Fantasy would end.

Peace out, Newgrounds. I maybe around, I may not. Who's to say.


Posted by HAcoreRD - January 17th, 2009

Picture says it all.

How can NG fall so far?

Signs of the Ng apocalypse:

1.) There she is! is considered 'popular'
2.) Shit gets front page
3.) shittier shit gets front page. shit.

The end is near

Posted by HAcoreRD - October 6th, 2008

Americans these days a fucking retarded.

When did America change it's slogan from "Home of the Free" to "Home of the Pussiest forms of Humans"?

Part of the problem is that the young Americans are ignorant to the changes, and any changes starts to shape freedom. I'm going to address in this blog namely "Free Speech".

Free Speech is basically the right to say what you wish, so long as it doesn't offend. So what you can't do is go around shouting the N-word, or do the George Carlin 7 words. However, the FCC, the Nazis of America's media have been taking Free Speech. Any form of editing changes the idea of Free Speech to Censored speech, seeing as they defined what can be said freely on TV, Radio, or whatever. You shouldn't be capable of defining what can/can't be said. If I went to Harlem and exercised my free speech by dropping N-Bombs, then society consequences should be obvious, and natural selection will wipe me out.

Point is, when anything gets changed, it isn't 'free'. We supposibly send thousands of young men to certain death in these Wars to protect freedom. Hundreds of thousands died from the Revolutionary War to the Cold War (Korea/Vietnam namely), they were all told they were fighting for freedom. Where is it?

The day a TV show gets pulled off air because of language, or someone gets butt hurt about it's content, you can kiss TV Free Speech goodbye, at that point it'll be defined what can't be said freely. Young Americans, gets your fucking shit together. You have a voice use it, don't let some old mother fuckers who looked into the mirror one day after their 36th birthday and realized they're going to die without leaving a mark ruin one of the greatest rights we have as Americans, and people.

Side note, new South Park Wednesday, and new South Park DVD on Tuesday.

Posted by HAcoreRD - September 11th, 2008

Before you call me un-American, and everything under the sun, stand back and think.

Why do we even remember this day? Because it affected this generation? Pearl Harbor had an effect on our Grandparents, and we barely remember the date, yet, we still can't get over 9/11.

It was a tragedy, it was a depressing fucking day that we felt helpless and scared. Why do we bring it up? To raise patriotism briefly? To remind us? What's it reminding us? We lost over 1,000 civilians and then we began invading countries left and right? Fuck, noone even remembers the plane in Pennsylvania that the people over powered the hi-jackers.

And labeling everyone as "heroes" who died on 9/11. The guys on the plane were heroes. They saved hundreds of lives. Were the people in the WTC or Pentagon heroes? If you told those people if they went to work that day they'd die, would they have gone? Maybe they're martyrs at best, but not heroes. The word "Hero" should be saved for heroes.

Happy 9/11

Posted by HAcoreRD - September 10th, 2008

What makes us human? Is it the ability for us to create? To bleed? To love? To build? To truly think?

What makes us retarded? The fact that we'll stress ourselves out over fucking nothing, and keep up our paranoia by thinking the world's going to end every fucking day.

It seems that anyone who's paranoid or retarded, typically people who keep their nose in the bible too long to get fresh air, also have their nose in the Science section of the news, you know, same guys who said that at one time big reptiles roamed the Earth.

As if the stupid 2012 and Asteroids, Global warming, or nuke worrying isn't enough, this "LHC" contraption now has every paranoid retard in a pissy fit. Because now, fuck the thought that a nuke or a big space rock is gonna wipe us out, humans will (according to these uneducated twats) will undue themselves. It's like firing a Nuke, only backwards.

I mean, they have less of any physic knowledge then me, but they're sure that the device will create a black hole. That's right, god will be so pissed we are figuring out his magic he'll divide by 0 and rape us all.

Fortunately, this matter provides entertainment. Retarded bitch kills self over Black Hole theory.

You know what makes theories so fucking believable? Because usually they're presented by someone who has a fucking idea what he's talking about. If I went down the road and shouted "The end is near", how many would pay mind? Maybe Tom Cruise or a local Christian, but the mass would ignore me.

The world's not going to end. I don't need evidence to support it, since if it occurs, noone who read this can prove me wrong. and if you survived Doomsday and this blog is even in your thoughts, then I hope none of the opposite race survived to spread retardism to our 'future'.

Posted by HAcoreRD - July 12th, 2008

I offically had it with Camp Rock (Camp Cock) and all the bullshit I had to put up from it everyday at work.

I understand, Rock pretty much died on December 31st 1979, and was confirmed dead when Slash left "Guns N Roses", but that's no need to attempt to revive it with shitty songs with a fucking drummer who can't keep beat, bad lyrics, bad singers, and one fucking guitar (Bass and Rhythm take more skill to play).

I understand Disney's greedy logic. We'll aim songs that require no thought to sing, mix it with a beat that is two notes going back and forth (on Lead Guitar and Drum), we'll then mass produce shitty products with the "Camp rock" logo on it, then dump a Jonas Brother in the mix to draw the 9-12 year old bitches in to nag their parents into buying this shit.

It's like poke'mon or tamagotchi or Furby with less imagination and more flaming gayness. And you know what? The parents buy this shit. They do. The CD's sell like GTA4 copies on release date, the bedding go like crazy, the shirts, the "books", and all the while I sit in my department restocking, and fixing the little shit hole area for this crap while listening to the same 18 seconds of the "We Rock" song reloop, with the 2 drum beats and the 2 guitar chords and the 4 chorus singers. When the little whores run to my department and (god forbid) the song be on, they sing in off beat unison.

Dumb asses. Rock is two fucking things. Sex and Drugs. Rock is about good music with a strong back message, from legends who are on sex and drugs. Boston, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith (no drugs, however), Guns N Roses, RHCP, Kansas, Mountain, fuck, even Nickelback are forms of Rock. This shit? This is more of crap. I'd sooner listen to Hip-Hop/RNB before this fucking shit (by choice). Hell I'd rather listen to Fergie sing another song she stole to support her talentless paint thinner addicted ass than this crap.

But we all know why Disney's focusing on this, and will begin dropping High School Musical (3) right? Not because they remembered that in high school that noone could keep beat (They went to school with a lot of Jewish people too) or sing (rednecks), it's because Vanessa Hudgens flashed her unshaved snatch and the soccer moms wont let their babies see that 'vile cunt'.

So remember. Fuck Camp Cock, if there was a said camp, I hope someone dumps a bunch of Cocaine, Whores, and 3 guitars and 2 amps and then record the outcome. Odds favor the music would suck less, and it'd be far more Rock and less Cock.

Posted by HAcoreRD - June 23rd, 2008

So, I just read that George Carlin, the one person on this earth who can make me laugh besides the TV show "South Park" has passed away.

Normally, I'd be happy, he lived a long life, he was a good man, brought humor, and called out religion as being the biggest bullshit story ever.

Sucks, one less thing to laugh at, unless I choose to lower my mental standards and find humor in Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia, pity Robin Williams doesn't stand up anymore, or Eddie Murphy.

Rip George, you were always my favorite stand up.


RIP: George Carlin

Posted by HAcoreRD - April 13th, 2008

Personally, I almost never ever think a movie is absolute shit.

Starship Troopers I thought was brilliant, Event Horizon was a even more greater thriller, fuck I even liked the Wing Commander movie to list a few "Flops", as for comedies, shit I don't think I never laughed at a comedy, even a shitty one, since... "Dude, where's my car?"

Then comes Juno, possibly the biggest piece of shit "comedy" mixed with poor acting, and bad dialogue, and knowing the idiots this country's full of, it'll sell harder and faster than "Alvin and the Chipmunks".

In honesty, I saw this in theater after seeing that the Superbad guy was in it. I mean, why not, even if he was the pussy character. Then I was subject to cruel torture of horrible dialogue, clearly trying to impact pop culture.

I'm not going to discuss the plot, just the dumb humor levels, that might indicate that majority of the movie goers are on some drugs, and I'd like to know where I can get some. I recall the biggest "pops" of laughs was from the infamous "You should grow a mustache." - "I can't."

I remember to this day the crowd laughing like they heard something funny, and the urge to get up and walk out of the theater shot through my brain faster than a bullet through JFK's skull.

Now, the dumb ass shit dialogue. "He's the cheese to my macaroni." What the fuck kind of analogy is that supposed to be? That you both go hand in hand together? If so, bravo, you explained it poorly and ended up pissing me off from the stupidity levels I had to endure.

So now this shit of a movie comes out this Tuesday. Great, I can't wait for the commercials bragging "Best selling DVD" and the sequel "Jewknow" that'll be out in the future. Sad that the other Superbad kid is working in flops, but I guess it's all about pleasing the soccer mom viewers and their children who are to grow up completely oblivious to the world around them.

Concluding, and summarizing: Juno sucks!

Posted by HAcoreRD - December 18th, 2007

Oh shit Newgrounds, I missed my tradition for one Flash Movie a year! I know, it's only December 18th, but I can tell you i got nothing in the works and I don't even have Macromedia anymore. Hell i don't even care anymore, Newground's changed. Some good artists surfaced, and I salute them, they'll bring in the bacon, while more and more shitty artists surfaced like dead fish to the top of a lake.

As much as I dislike breaking tradition, this goes double for missing the usaul M80 fest on Mischief night, I guess it's for the better, since i'd rather concentrate on my own goals and dreams, without any setbacks.

Oh, and Warfare Finale? Never happening. It's ending is written in the stars, like many love lives that the gods declare never to be.

So what the fuck am I doing? While still being a conformist working for the man in retail hell, I been having urges to get into Writing and Animating (actual Animating, fuck that half ass Flash), due to my love to bring stories to life. I'm thinking of doing some College research so I can follow my dream. After all, working at Target is never enough for me. Then again, nothing is.

Posted by HAcoreRD - October 17th, 2007

Guess I can't always rant here, when NG staff does something that helps, you should take a moment to... reconize their actions.

Been what? 1-2 years technically, but Tom deleted my HCdelete## entries finally, likely after seeing my blog judging from their Time of Deletes. So, thanks, Tom.


So, no rant today.