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very sad

this movie had a sad, but a serious tone to it, and I'm certain most of us wanted to kill ourselves every so often, too.

not sexactly the best

the drawing werent too appealing or cool looking. The effects saved you.

FireHound responds:

Too many people dissing (or how do you write it) on my drawingskills :/ Guess I actually HAVE to get some lessons...


damn that power of 3.

TheMasterOfSprites responds:


Holy Shit

That was fucking awesome! Worth the 1 minute to upload it. But you should Had some other music choices in the beginning. Nice shit! Onto my favorites you go.


I liked this episode, but I really dislike the guy's monotone voice. Other than that it was exellent.

isn't this child porn (kinda)

i always hoped that bitch would get raped. Buttercup is so much better.


that was fucking great, cant wait for 9.


at least i know u still hate me. And u wasted so much time for this? First off the shock sucked. Fight Scene sucked, Except for Chrono. I think you rushed with Leo's Moves. Next off, I don't see what I did to you, and I'm not a bitch much anymore, LOL. I found it funnier because, anyone who submits a flash directly at a author shows what a pathetic person they are. Whatever if this gets reconized as a work of art, its for the main menu. BTW thanks for letting the people of NG not forget about me.

Shin2k27 responds:

So u like my movie, i knew ud like it, I understand u didnt like the shock in the movie its because i did exactly the way u did, well not exactly cause my shock had more class but shock is a wussy attack for a wussy character of yours.
Next time, dont say " U have no submissions u know nothing about flash"
Cause u judge people before seing their potential.
We didnt judge ur movies at the beginning but u kept making the same crap and Ur the one who is being a jerk to people, people have right to say that ur being too repetitive. Lean your head in shame young grasshopper cause youve just learn ur first lesson.
Never judge people the way u did with ur reviews.

-" Ur Friendly rival" Shin2k27

Ps: You are a bitch, saying that newgrounds users were jews just because they didnt like ur movie is quite patheticly weak of u. Now shut up.


i remember that book. Though to be honest the talking almost put me to sleep (like in english class) I enjoyed it the sooner we get to the Banquo part with the Assassins, the sooner this gets better.

navahl999 responds:

lol yeah i cant fall asleep (though i want to) but my teacher yells when she talks (kinda reminds me of a preacher lol)

That Sucked on Sooooo Many Levels

lousy movementa with suck ass chop-animation. the story sucked dick, not to mention your cast choice. This was shit, and I'll assume so for your other FF: Films. You also included good music, however and the rain effects i thought were decent but no fight (the Inferno fight cant be counted) and horrid plot. You get a zero.

Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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