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Fuck Camp Rock

Posted by HAcoreRD - July 12th, 2008

I offically had it with Camp Rock (Camp Cock) and all the bullshit I had to put up from it everyday at work.

I understand, Rock pretty much died on December 31st 1979, and was confirmed dead when Slash left "Guns N Roses", but that's no need to attempt to revive it with shitty songs with a fucking drummer who can't keep beat, bad lyrics, bad singers, and one fucking guitar (Bass and Rhythm take more skill to play).

I understand Disney's greedy logic. We'll aim songs that require no thought to sing, mix it with a beat that is two notes going back and forth (on Lead Guitar and Drum), we'll then mass produce shitty products with the "Camp rock" logo on it, then dump a Jonas Brother in the mix to draw the 9-12 year old bitches in to nag their parents into buying this shit.

It's like poke'mon or tamagotchi or Furby with less imagination and more flaming gayness. And you know what? The parents buy this shit. They do. The CD's sell like GTA4 copies on release date, the bedding go like crazy, the shirts, the "books", and all the while I sit in my department restocking, and fixing the little shit hole area for this crap while listening to the same 18 seconds of the "We Rock" song reloop, with the 2 drum beats and the 2 guitar chords and the 4 chorus singers. When the little whores run to my department and (god forbid) the song be on, they sing in off beat unison.

Dumb asses. Rock is two fucking things. Sex and Drugs. Rock is about good music with a strong back message, from legends who are on sex and drugs. Boston, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith (no drugs, however), Guns N Roses, RHCP, Kansas, Mountain, fuck, even Nickelback are forms of Rock. This shit? This is more of crap. I'd sooner listen to Hip-Hop/RNB before this fucking shit (by choice). Hell I'd rather listen to Fergie sing another song she stole to support her talentless paint thinner addicted ass than this crap.

But we all know why Disney's focusing on this, and will begin dropping High School Musical (3) right? Not because they remembered that in high school that noone could keep beat (They went to school with a lot of Jewish people too) or sing (rednecks), it's because Vanessa Hudgens flashed her unshaved snatch and the soccer moms wont let their babies see that 'vile cunt'.

So remember. Fuck Camp Cock, if there was a said camp, I hope someone dumps a bunch of Cocaine, Whores, and 3 guitars and 2 amps and then record the outcome. Odds favor the music would suck less, and it'd be far more Rock and less Cock.

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Question 1. What the hell is camp rock?
Question 2. Why did you have to deal with it at work?

Im assuming its a shitty CD, and you work at a record store, correct?

i work in an electronic department in retail. it's Disney's second stab at High school Musical, so it's a CD with shitty songs pushed with a TV show with shitty plot aimed at little dykes.

Yah it's the same thing with High School Musical.

HATE IT!!!!!!!!


Disney Channel... I'd rather slurp dog shit than watch one episode of their abominations. One time, me and my friends actually saw High School Musical Hand Sanitizer, yeah, it's Hand Sanitizer with a picture of High School musical people on it! WTF! That's like having water, but there's a picture of the NewGrounds tank floating in it. I MUST HAF IT! o_O My sister's always watching it in the other room, all it is is puns, lame jokes, and the invisible sitcom crowd laughing at nothing. To hell with Disney Channel!

stfu Highschool Musical was rad

"Rock is two fucking things. Sex and Drugs."

No.... No. I hate it when people say this.

Oh i'm sorry.

Christian rock is fuck and fail.

Rock & Roll is Sex and Drugs

Rock is just sex then.

Ah, the corrupt heart of corporations these days. Milk whatever cash cow they can to be able to buy more cash cows (Disney bought Pixar a while back, to obviously gain more money and to dever attention from the fact that their movies suck). It's the way of the world, and we've got to rise up and protest.

I am so glad Im not the only one that despises this thing.

I saw a commercial/music video promo for it one day while babysitting a little kid who wanted to watch Hannah. To wash that horrible excuse for "rock" off I ran up to my room and just blasted all the 70's and 80's rock I could find for an hour.

Fuck that movie. I feel so sorry for you.

Oh god, I couldn't agree more.

I knew there was a good reason not to even watch that shit. although i disagree with you saying rock died when slash left GNR, but it did go into a spiraling depression and later into a coma. the worst part is that whether we like it or not corparations are going to suck the fun out of everything for people above the age of 16 with a brain. oh and if you ever listen to rnb or hip hop, take my advise, shot your self in the head before you find Hanna Montana in your cd player.

Hey I like HSM...
Camp Rock was alright..

well...yeah...dont ya know disney now sucks? i mean...since you work at an electronic department, im sure you've heard this "Hannah Montana"...hell...we all have...and I'm not gonna get started on her. So, i agree, camp Rock fails

I can't stand things like this. 50+ year olds and rich douches in companies pretend to know kids just to churn out crap that stupid parents buy to entertain their snot nosed kids who don't even know this shit will make about as much sense to them and bashing your head in with a fucking hammer when they're because they're causing the same amount of damage to their brains when they sit on front of the t.v. all day watching the same cheap actor in the same show on disney channel. This is what the rich Americans are doing to our children, using them as little cash cows to make more money so they can die in a golden casket. Tell me, isn't that a little fucked up

Disney sucks ass. Why are you trying to be popular, again, Disney? When Walt Disney died, the company did the same

I agree with you, man. It's just more $hit from disney.

First Hanna Montanna, then Jonas brothers, NOW THIS!?!?!

Well, while I can't fully agree that this movie sucks (trust me, I'm a sucker for this kind of thing), your logic is unfailable. A fully agree that they stop it with these "musical movies." I dunno about the whole "rock" definition, but whaatever floats your boat.

I believe we need to get Miley, The Jonas Fuckers, And anything assosiated w/ Camp Rock... Put a Black Bag's on their heads, Drop them off at an deserted Island in the Gulf and hope Iran Bombs them w/ their "test" missles...

Simply then take everything assosiated with them and burn it... Hoard up all the kiddies that were assosiated with them and blast some Queen, Gun's N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd. And any other good group that I am missing....

I say problem solved then.

I didn't see before, but you just torched Christian music! Dude, get a life!


Disney sold their soul long ago. I am truly sorry you must put up with this every day.

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