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Megamike914, you're a fag and 13 years old, what would you know about music. Anyways, I don't believe rock died when Guns N Roses split up, they were getting old too, bands can't make fresh stuff for that many years. But about the Disney bullshit, I can't fucking believe they still exist after all this shit, fucking disgrace to music.

Ever since Walt Disney died everything went downhill. I'm not saying I was or am a fan, but damn, who the hell did he pick to be in charge?! It's like anything related to realism is turned into this shitty smuk. I mean, come on!! I can NOT see how these fuckers can make a living like this! The only reason they are is because these kids can't tell the difference between bad music and shit. What the hell is this world coming to?!?


the only way to bring back rock is with guitar hero rock bands and drinking till ur dead

its a good thing that this is going to be the last high school musical or i would have no hair left to pull out. everything they seem to be doing involves music HSM, HSM2, Camp cock, HSM3, Hannah go get shot in the head montana, the brothers who can't sing for shit, cheetah girls one world that wishes you were dead, and whatever else i'm missing.

for all of you christian rock fans get over yourself and listen to some real music.

IM FUCKING TIRED OF THAT SONG "WE ROCK" FROM CAMP ROCK, is all the day on disney channel

That is not fucking rock, is pop
the real rock is dead, we only have the evolved versions of rock, like ALTERNATIVE, METAL, blablabla

but wtf???? if camp rock is really rock, i think that eminem is the best hardcore metal in the world (sarcasm)

the real rock is in the past, like the old aerosmith, queen, led zeppelin, their song are classic, like BETHOVEN and CHOPIN

and my kind of rock is: HATRED, DESTRUCTION, MORE HATRED and DRAGONS :3

Also, I would like to say sorry you have to listen to that Disney crap, maybe if Disney was to like...idk...produce good music it would be different then than producing terrible music, labeling it something thats good when it doesent even deserve to be in that class, and releasing it to the poor kids that dont know the different between good and bad songs...i mean making a show about them is fine i guess, but not like having real concerts and sh!t like that. Cuz thats just ridiculous. Also i would like to point out at this point what happened when Nickolodeon (dont know how to spell that) tried to cut in on this. The Naked Brothers Band...yeah...They cant sing and I think i should shoot myself for actually knowing that they exist. I think Disney should just stop making this music bizz, and keep to their reality show business that theyve been doing, until then, next thing is Disney will go to stuff like taking...*insert long rant here*

Gotta agree with you there, Camp Rock is the latest cash in by Disney on music craze. Back then they created a bunch of soon to be crackwhore popstars by accident (Shitney, Christina fagullera, Linsey Lowhore). Now they decided to be the direct cause of this pandemic with stuff like HSM, Hannah Montana and most recently camp rock. The niost vile thing to note is that while it is a rock camp, it also manages to harbour Reggaeton/Pop rejects into the vile mix (take this from somebody who has to use a comp beside his little sister who likes camp cock.)

It is just Disney using another fad to make money, business as usual. And treerung, please return your manly awesomeness badge back to newgrounds at once, nobody in NG approves of disney.

i wanted to know whats camp rock so i checked imdb and the score is: 5.1/10
so i think it sucks since imdb knows everything! :D

w8 a sec... ppl r saying they hate this but they watch disney channel all day? then fuck u then there's something wrong with u...

You forgot to mention AC/DC

I consider them more metal than rock. But still, Highway to Hell is a favorite

Disney needs to go away. One of these days the suckiness will leak into Pixar and then animation fans won't have anything to look foreward to...

Rock isn't just sex and drugs, are you fucking stupid?
i mean look at Aerosmith, sure they do lots of drugs and have sex everyday, but they do that because they can, and how did they come to achieve it?

you're an idiot.

Good tunes. That explains everything. Submit this essay to your teachers!

Well if it sucks, why did you need to tell it to the WHOLE world?
Disney MAY lose their business.

cause it's my opinion, my blog.

fucking twit.

When I rage my war on Disney, your ass is gunna be my fuckin general!
Why can't we bring back power rangers or sum shit? That pwns what our fad is now.. Kids with fucked up hair, that sing.. and kind of play instruments.. play is being used lightly.

I hate it so much !!!!!!!!
1. its retarded
2.its seriously fucked up
3. my little sister keeps waching all day long and i just want to blow the tv and kill the people who made it!!!!!!

If there is something good that Disney can do is give permission to SquareEnix to more Kingdom Hearts but i crap on everything else.
Oh and Pixar movies.

You're totally right.
Disney channel is hypnotysing children into thinking that their dogshit is rock.

THANK YOU all my sister does in her life is wach camp rock and high school musicel my brother even likes this fuck

Rock is music. Sex and drugs are... Sex and drugs.

No rockstars are clean.

Not one.

Even Beatles did drugs

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