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Haven't posted in years

Posted by HAcoreRD - July 6th, 2012

It's been years since i been to NG, and even longer since I did anything on the site. Such is life, especially when you out grow a fun hobby like making flash projects.

Gone are the days of me making sprite animations with Vinstigator (though we still talk), Squarehard, Tootbook (Glad I broke all ties with him), and Shin2k27 (The Paper Raper!).

I was going through the depths of one of my old hard drives and encountered some early scripts of the FF: Warfare Finale that I never made. Reason I never made it was simply because High School ended and I was moving on with my life, and lost the time to make it. Funny enough, after logging in, I had some messages from 07-09 asking about a final episode, which I cannot make. The best I can do is give the ending's plot.

I may consider asking Vinstigator to help me make the finale, but who knows, I'd have to get a whole new flash program, or whatever is used these days, relearn that, and learn about it so I can make a fitting Finale. Never the less, here's how I wanted it to end.

FF: Warfare Finale

Heroes: Locke Cole, Celes Chere, Faris, Lenna, Cloud Strife, Edgar Figaro, Sabin Figaro
Villians: Vincent, Sephiroth

Celes and Lenna save an injured, near fatal Edgar and Sabin, who were sparred death, by the use of Locke's Phoenix esper. Phoenix was able to be used due to Sephiroth's weakened state, and the loss of the tower. With the final heroes alive, Locke and Cloud lead the final attack on Sephiroth.

Sephiroth, having absorbed so many combatants, begins to lose himself. Conflicted by everyone's soul inside him, he begins to lose control. An injured Vincent approaches him, but even in his injured state, Sephiroth kills Vincent, and takes his power, which would be his undoing, as Vincent's power would cause Sephiroth to lose a lot of his powers due to Vincent's limit break.

Before the final confrontation, Sabin promises to protect Faris, and Edgar has taking a liking to Lenna. Locke and Celes embrace before what maybe their last moments alive, as Cloud looks towards his upcoming fight.

Sephiroth, engages the heroes first, unleashing an unrelenting storm of abilities, Kain's jump, Leo's Shock, Mimicing counter attacks, Cecil'sdarkwave, Kefka's goner, before transforming into various forms. Sephiroth cannot control the raging powers inside him. Celes blocks many spells with Runic, while Faris and Locke, being Ninja/Thief, attack him with speed. Lenna is wounded, as Edgar rushes with his Drill, and Sabin goes in for a Aura Cannon. Cloud observes the fight, stunned, is Sephiroth losing control, or has everyone who died are simply trying to break free?

Sephiroth defeats everyone, and Cloud approaches, the two fight and ultimately the fight comes to a stand still, 3 buttons appear, each with a different ending.

Ending A: Cloud, unleashes omni slash, killing Sephiroth. With Sephiroth vanquished, the heroes are able to once again use magic to its full potential, and revive their slain comrades. The heroes' worlds have sine merged, Lenna and Edgar rule Figaro, while Sabin and Faris live as pirates. Peace finally sets over the world, as all evil had been eliminated.

Ending B: Cloud, unleashes Omni slash, but isn't able to kill Sephiroth. Lenna, seeing no way to win the fight, regrettably casts X-Zone on Sephiroth. Not willing to die alone, Sephiroth grabs Cloud, and takes him in the X-Zone with him. With Sephiroth and Cloud gone, but not dead, there is no way to revive their friends. Lenna and Edgar still rule over Figaro as King and Queen. Faris and Sabin hook up as well, only Faris join Sabin as a monk. Locke and Celes observe a world lacking heroes, and the 6 vow to be the world's guardians until new heroes take their place.

Ending C: Sephiroth kills Cloud, and after absorbing his power, he kills the other heroes. Having absorbed everyone, he finally has noone left to fight. Sephiroth destroys all life remaining, and awaits on the ruined tower awaiting mother to return.


I envisioned this to be beautiful, even though I know I lacked the talent then (even still) to have it come out the way I wanted. Still, I figured I should post this. Any Warfare fans deserve to know how it'd end, like I wanted to know how Splashkhat's Final Fighting Fantasy would end.

Peace out, Newgrounds. I maybe around, I may not. Who's to say.


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Well, hello there!

Well, if you do decide to stay, welcome back. The community's shittier than ever!

Excuse me, out-grow making flash projects? How do you out-grow making flash projects?

It was a fun hobby back then, I suppose I replaced it with Youtubing. Honestly, I do miss making flash projects, I loved what I did regardless of what anyone would've said.

I guess it's the thought of needing to learn a new program and crap. Funny enough I found all my old sprites, so I have a good chunk of my stuff still.

Wow! Welcome back then, dude! Newgrounds has changed since last time you were here, has you can see.

yea i miss those good ol' sprite days too, kinda crazy when you watch the stuff that was considered daily/frontpage material years ago.

Like 4chan. Newgrounds has changed. The turn of the decade has brought new content and new faces.

Man those were the good 'ol days. I'll never forget that classic rivalry between myself and Shin2k27. Let's just hope that the paper (raper) doesn't rise from the ashes. I would love to help you out with this. Even if it's not with animating. Just let me know and hopefully we can make it happen buddy.

You know if it wasn't so easy to screw with you and you didn't accuse me of taking "flash lessons" from mick I would never have done the stuff I did. of course you're glad you cut off ties with me, I embarassed you because you acted like an ass. I may never have been such a dick, but in the end you proved you are a crazy moron who allowed his real thoughts and opinions be affected by the way triple H portrays himself. Infact if I pretended like I was the embodiment of Shawn michaels via the internet. You would probably forgive me.

but hey, at least chris benoit was a GREAT wrestler right?

also I really was recieving secret flash lessons from mick, and now that I know how warfare ends i'm gonna finish it myself

and yes this is toot

and yes I also book

The thing about you is, you fail to grow up. You always had the maturity of a child, regardless of what me or Vince or Mick pulled back in our 'prime'. You seem to have this mentality of taking the high road in conversations, but end up coming out like a child. A creepy child. Restraining orders were made for people like you.

I'll say this with all honesty. To date, I still think of everyone I met on the internet, you are by far the one with the biggest chip on your shoulder. It's time to get over it, Tootbook. Make all the second accounts you like, I'll surly reply months later, get your last words in.

You're not a troll, you're not some witty little NG User, you're a child. I truly pity people like you.


Miss ya, bud!