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No submission from me this year

2007-12-18 11:00:23 by HAcoreRD

Oh shit Newgrounds, I missed my tradition for one Flash Movie a year! I know, it's only December 18th, but I can tell you i got nothing in the works and I don't even have Macromedia anymore. Hell i don't even care anymore, Newground's changed. Some good artists surfaced, and I salute them, they'll bring in the bacon, while more and more shitty artists surfaced like dead fish to the top of a lake.

As much as I dislike breaking tradition, this goes double for missing the usaul M80 fest on Mischief night, I guess it's for the better, since i'd rather concentrate on my own goals and dreams, without any setbacks.

Oh, and Warfare Finale? Never happening. It's ending is written in the stars, like many love lives that the gods declare never to be.

So what the fuck am I doing? While still being a conformist working for the man in retail hell, I been having urges to get into Writing and Animating (actual Animating, fuck that half ass Flash), due to my love to bring stories to life. I'm thinking of doing some College research so I can follow my dream. After all, working at Target is never enough for me. Then again, nothing is.


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2007-12-18 14:28:05

aw noes, i liked your work but i do suppose real life goals and ambitions are important


2007-12-18 15:41:37

Dear God, what will Newgrounds do without another video game sprite movie!!!!!!


2007-12-18 17:15:27

You know you are more content with criticizing the site. Sure, it has it's off days (Duck.Fla Day), but honestly it has been home to a lot of people for a long time. I've been with the site since around 2001, despite not joining it until four years later, and I've seen a lot of good come every day into the site. There are a lot of cool things going on, and despite there being Foamy and half-assed sprite flash, go look farther than putting "half-ass sprite flash" into the search engine. Go watch Bowser's Kingdom, or Thwomps: The Movie. They even exceed your own high and mighty opinion of your forgotten Warfare series back from at least two years ago.
You know, there are plenty of great animators on this site. The best ones continue making flash, not based on their own opinions of the site, but with a motivation to improve the site and show real talent.
What the fuck ARE you doing? One can only complain for so long. All that talk about being a "conformist" and "working for the man," and all these rants about the same schpiel? You sound an awful lot like a certain squirrel that we both despise.
People are doing great things here, and bitch about my 2005 sign up date all you want, but people have submitted crap for a long time. Back in 2001, someone submitted Psychedelic Butterfly... it was awful, made it in half an hour, and got a Daily Feature.

I really wouldn't care so much about you whining about the site, if you didn't think you were so cool for being on this place for so long and pumping out sprite animations. Just chill out.

Go on, leave Target, get a real job, bring a real story to life without Flash. Stop pretending to be cool. Make something amazing. Then I will be impressed.


2007-12-18 17:40:51

Submit spam, thats what i did >_> though i also missed last year... flash took up too much time and i was too busy


2007-12-18 18:42:25

If i were you i would wip up a nice little christmas or new years special, as long it's relevant to the holiday it has a better chance of makeing it in


2007-12-18 21:29:36

Just fart in my face and we'll call it good.


2007-12-19 02:26:10

Another Connecticut person leaves Newgrounds. ;_;