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Thanks, Tom!

2007-10-17 21:30:33 by HAcoreRD

Guess I can't always rant here, when NG staff does something that helps, you should take a moment to... reconize their actions.

Been what? 1-2 years technically, but Tom deleted my HCdelete## entries finally, likely after seeing my blog judging from their Time of Deletes. So, thanks, Tom.


So, no rant today.


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2007-10-25 07:13:21

Orton has been thwarted this time.

HAcoreRD responds:

Orton is never thwarted. He's the champ.


2007-10-28 05:38:31

You must be absolutely gutted that he is. After the atrocities he did to you. I would be.


2007-11-08 05:34:32

hey uh, any chance you could unblock me i have something i'd like to talk to you aboot for a tick warfare related. Or just respond to this. Are you finishing it? b/c if not i'd like to. Or i'd at least like to do the sephiroth fight scene

HAcoreRD responds:


here comes the blog ban