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The end is near

2009-01-17 17:02:45 by HAcoreRD

Picture says it all.

How can NG fall so far?

Signs of the Ng apocalypse:

1.) There she is! is considered 'popular'
2.) Shit gets front page
3.) shittier shit gets front page. shit.

The end is near


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2009-01-17 17:04:45

Well, on the note of There She Is!, isn't anything that a lot of people like and agree that is good, considered popular?


2009-01-17 17:11:06

Deal with it. If you don't like it, beat it.

HAcoreRD responds:

if you don't like what i have to say, shut the... oh wait. there's a ban user button. How thoughtful.


2009-01-17 17:12:12



2009-01-17 17:19:26

Points 2, 3. Agree
Point 1. Maybe it's popular because it's amazingly well done and funny? Didcha ever stop and think about that?

HAcoreRD responds:



2009-01-17 17:20:17

¿Newgrounds es la conclusión huh? Bien puede ser que también haga mi tiempo aquí de mérito. Y a propósito, " ¡Allí ella es!! es popular, mucha mierda consigue en la página delantera, pero si fueron cagados, entonces ellos wouldn' t esté en la página delantera. Toda esta mierda se basa en su opinión.

Amo el ruing del ^_^ de la diversión.


2009-01-17 17:22:20

As opposed to your sprite animations?

There she is has quite a bit of effort and skill put into it, as well as being an original concept.

HAcoreRD responds:



2009-01-17 17:38:49

I don't think your review is abusive soe why was it deleted? I like "There She Is!" but whatever no problem with different tastes. That shape garbage I dunno I feel like there is some joke going on that we are unaware of.

HAcoreRD responds:

the joke i guess is that it didn't get turd of the week.

That or they gave it front page because NG has been going slow with flash lately.


2009-01-17 17:50:53

The shapes are just a LOL HURRDURR JOKE

HAcoreRD responds:

hurrdurr no.


2009-01-17 17:55:12

Flame on!


2009-01-17 18:03:21

1.) There she is! is considered 'popular' <---- That's been going on for years man, keep up.

2.) Shit gets front page <---- It's ALWAYS been that way.

3.)shittier shit gets front page. shit. <---- Blame Stamper.


2009-01-17 18:15:22

hmmmm allow me to open up the offical NG rulebook.

*turns a few pages*

ah here it is


*slams book shut*

HAcoreRD responds:

let me open my book

*turns a few pages*

Idiots who talk like Shin2k27 with putting * at the start and end of word or words to describe an action taking place and lazy cunt and get banned from my blog, will be banned as previously stated.



2009-01-17 18:15:44

PKforce323 can't speak spanish for shit.


2009-01-17 18:57:18



2009-01-17 19:01:20

I know why your comment was deleted.
You made the mistake of thinking ANYTHING could get lower than 4chan.

HAcoreRD responds:



2009-01-17 19:02:14

Damn man Newgrounds is gonna die. It was so younge...


2009-01-17 19:09:08

"There she is" Is quite amazing because of how much effot has been put on that. I dont know anyone who hates it.

HAcoreRD responds:

effort alone can't save everything.

otherwise Circuit City wouldn't be going under.


2009-01-17 19:34:05

Newgrounds has always been like that. 90 percent of the time, quality goods get put on the front page, but on slow days when there isn't a lot of good stuff, Tom and company will fill out space on the front page with stupid stuff that tickles their funny bone. You'll notice that not everything on the frontpage gets an award. And awards are what really matters.

Also, what's wrong with 'There She Is!'? It's well animated and incessantly charming. It's not my cup of tea, but I recognize quality when I see it.

If anything, the NG apocalypse will be when a 'Circle N Square' dealie gets Daily Feature.


2009-01-17 19:58:36 /478669 <-----That has a score of 4.37.

Did you die of a heart attack?


2009-01-17 20:02:06

I think you don't know your NewGrounds history. This site has been relatively the same amazing site since portal first came to be.


HAcoreRD responds:

you'd have a valid arguement, but you like Family Guy.


2009-01-17 20:55:21

You do realise the reason this was deleted was not because you said it was shit but because you didn't give a well constructed review

also what the fuck is wrong with There She is!, just it doesn't have Final Fantasy sprites in it

HAcoreRD responds:

constructive reviews. many 'bad' reviews for shit like Foamy are constructive and still get reviewed because little dipshits hit abusive on them. and M-Bot's a bot that'll remove anything with too many Abusives.

Final Fantasy Sprites? Cause I made a flash in the past 2 almost 3 years. Are you an Uneducated cunt? You sure seem to have the role down. Star in my new movie, "There he is: Koalafish the Diabetes Retard".


2009-01-17 21:03:46

Tell me what don't you like about There she is! I agree that those shapes don't diserve front page except egoraptor's since its hilarious.

HAcoreRD responds:

too cheezy, cliche, boring, and not funny (If it wasn't it's purpose, than the first two reasons will suffice).

Basically, it was everything I'd see in a Disney movie in Japan, minus the big powerpuff girl eyes.


2009-01-17 21:39:01

Its true all you make is sprite animation even though there she is a shit stain you are not helping

HAcoreRD responds:

2 years ago i made sprite movies. thanks for reminding me.


2009-01-17 22:03:25

I think you mean "ever could" not "could ever".

HAcoreRD responds:

Zeig heil, Grammar Nazi!


2009-01-17 22:57:08

well thats your opinion but to me it seams nice to know NG has some anime i mean ya got to get away from violence and comedy some time and what do you mean shit

HAcoreRD responds:

"well thats your opinion",

no shit. Who else's opinion would it be?


2009-01-17 23:04:17

i think i know why the shhape shit has bean going on
okay so most of the famus flash artist are haveing a compition to see who can make shapes funny and the lossers have to skinnydip in a pool fulled of alchahol in front of a mini-mart ... it could happen

or they just want to go wtf and lol about it

HAcoreRD responds:

shapes will never be funny.

a motion tween with 2 shapes and a cheezy dialogue. even "Toof" had more thought put in.


2009-01-17 23:37:57

Woah, you're still alive!

HAcoreRD responds:

this site shortens my life span, however. :/


2009-01-18 02:23:30

man, i wouldn't let it get to you. People can have their opinions, and they may suck progressively more and more as time goes on, but fuck them all. Good shit is still all over NG. You just may have to dig for it more, seeing as how a lot of front page space is being filled with utter bullcrap.


2009-01-18 02:55:43

Wth Ng >:((Angry Faic)


2009-01-18 03:29:41

for 1-3 if you dont like it, but other people do, dont bitch about it, just dont watch it, as for the picture, mods standards are bs i agree

HAcoreRD responds:

Don't watch it. The simple dumbest answer ever.

"Hey guys, it's a foamy cartoon, we don't like it. Let's not watch it."


"Hey, how'd it fucking 5.00? Oh, because people who did like it rated it high! Silly us, if we don't watch it there's no balance."


2009-01-18 04:43:07

Fuck there she is. Fuck it.


2009-01-18 07:07:43

Just a comment for point 2 and point 3 of your argumentation: You're the best proof of it.

I mean, c'mon, you're doing sprite movies about Final Fantasy! How creative! Oh, and please ban me so I can post "OMGZ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO IRONY HArdcorED iz teh shit cuz' he doznt likes meh!" everywhere. Just like you did. Banzai!

HAcoreRD responds:


You bring up my flashes from 2 years ago, I can scroll up and make of list of unique posters in here who said that. BANzai!


2009-07-01 11:49:51

Hey! What's wrong with There She Is!!!!? That's an awesome series.


2009-07-26 13:34:42

All great things must come to an end. People leave and new people join.


2010-07-21 03:56:56

Personally, I like the There She Is series. It's cute and has a story you can follow without the help of language. Then again, I like the cute stuff with stories... go ahead call me a girl for saying that.

you're right, shit does get the front page. half the stuff on there I don't get at all. I also hate that nowadays, the new stuff is always ranked number 1 and doesn't give a chance for the older, better stuff to show.