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Rip George Carlin. 1937-2008

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RIP: George Carlin

Posted by HAcoreRD - June 23rd, 2008

So, I just read that George Carlin, the one person on this earth who can make me laugh besides the TV show "South Park" has passed away.

Normally, I'd be happy, he lived a long life, he was a good man, brought humor, and called out religion as being the biggest bullshit story ever.

Sucks, one less thing to laugh at, unless I choose to lower my mental standards and find humor in Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia, pity Robin Williams doesn't stand up anymore, or Eddie Murphy.

Rip George, you were always my favorite stand up.


RIP: George Carlin

Comments (25)

Damn man, seriously? George Carlin was a genious.

what the hell man i cant believe this he's dead that sucks hes been one of my heros for comedy for the longest time

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25322 638/

Dark day in the land of comedy.

Yeah i just got this story too. Great man Carlin was.

Just found this out myself, and now gonna listen to his "Seven Filthy Words" stand-up. Seriously Geogre Carlin was one of the best comics I've heard, and he will be missed dearly.

Fuck, Carlin died?

I suppose he was old, but he was a fucking comedic /genius/.

why did he have to leave us? why?!

Damn, that really sucks..

I just read the article on msnbc and then went on ng to see if anyone made a post about it, yeah it's a tragedy that he's gone, i was like WTH 'he's dead?'.

Carlin was an amazing man. This news has made today a sad one. He'll be missed---his view on the world always made me feel better when I was down.

That guy was a genius!... Silent moment ppl, silent moment....

Sad thing is, Robin Williams has been accused of stealing jokes. He used to be one of my favorites, till i found that out.

Went i saw this i went to youtube to watch one of his show...... That guy was amazing and his last show was awesome. Thanks for introducing me (in a way) to this guy. RIP George "shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, twat, tits, fart" Carlin. And sorry if i forgot one.

Aw I liked George Carlin, funny man, couple audios from him on my ipod.

You might find 'Daniel Tosh' funny

i wish i could post images in the comments

RIP, Carlin, I loved your sense of humour.

Carlin was a great man. Rest in Peace.

I love George. was devestated when I went online last night and saw news of his death.

as a buddy put it though:

"at least now he's partying with Rodney Dangerfield now"

Try Ralphie May look him up on youtube He's pretty funny.


i knew a michel carlin..

Man that sucks, he was one of my favorite comedians ever, Rest in peace George

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