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Comments (10)

Well, hello there!

Well, if you do decide to stay, welcome back. The community's shittier than ever!

Excuse me, out-grow making flash projects? How do you out-grow making flash projects?

It was a fun hobby back then, I suppose I replaced it with Youtubing. Honestly, I do miss making flash projects, I loved what I did regardless of what anyone would've said.

I guess it's the thought of needing to learn a new program and crap. Funny enough I found all my old sprites, so I have a good chunk of my stuff still.

Wow! Welcome back then, dude! Newgrounds has changed since last time you were here, has you can see.

yea i miss those good ol' sprite days too, kinda crazy when you watch the stuff that was considered daily/frontpage material years ago.

Like 4chan. Newgrounds has changed. The turn of the decade has brought new content and new faces.

Man those were the good 'ol days. I'll never forget that classic rivalry between myself and Shin2k27. Let's just hope that the paper (raper) doesn't rise from the ashes. I would love to help you out with this. Even if it's not with animating. Just let me know and hopefully we can make it happen buddy.

You know if it wasn't so easy to screw with you and you didn't accuse me of taking "flash lessons" from mick I would never have done the stuff I did. of course you're glad you cut off ties with me, I embarassed you because you acted like an ass. I may never have been such a dick, but in the end you proved you are a crazy moron who allowed his real thoughts and opinions be affected by the way triple H portrays himself. Infact if I pretended like I was the embodiment of Shawn michaels via the internet. You would probably forgive me.

but hey, at least chris benoit was a GREAT wrestler right?

also I really was recieving secret flash lessons from mick, and now that I know how warfare ends i'm gonna finish it myself

and yes this is toot

and yes I also book

The thing about you is, you fail to grow up. You always had the maturity of a child, regardless of what me or Vince or Mick pulled back in our 'prime'. You seem to have this mentality of taking the high road in conversations, but end up coming out like a child. A creepy child. Restraining orders were made for people like you.

I'll say this with all honesty. To date, I still think of everyone I met on the internet, you are by far the one with the biggest chip on your shoulder. It's time to get over it, Tootbook. Make all the second accounts you like, I'll surly reply months later, get your last words in.

You're not a troll, you're not some witty little NG User, you're a child. I truly pity people like you.


Miss ya, bud!