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Comments (3)

Was George Carlin really gay?

No, but his boyfriend was.

you are like a great user on NG and you like south park :)

Lol you fucking idiot.

Lets see. Now I wasn't alive on said date of pearl harbor wich happened god knows how long ago and what day. ( december 7th 1941 so...67 years ago almost? anywho.. ) But i'm preeeeeeety sure people were riled up about it for AT LEAST the first 10 years... Idk maybe we dont make a big deal about pearl harbor because it happened 60+ years ago, and the people who were actually affected by it are either dead or too senile to remember to not crap their fucking pants.

Its Kind of fucked up that you wanna take away the only bit of peace that the victims families ( who are still very much alive ) that the people who they lost that were near and dear to them were not heroes, but just victims in a disaster.

Fuck you you cynical prick. What gives you the right to even spout off this retarded ass shit. I wasnt personally affected or moved by 9/11 because i was 12 and you were what 13? of course it isn't that big of a deal to you but think of the people who have lived here all their lives before all this "terrorism" bullshit, patriot acts, and all the other crap that our generation grew up with. We know how fucked up the world is we have so many more resources than our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts had.

They didn't and if they did they were just learning how strange it could be. This was the largest loss of lives on american soil that there has ever been. 3000*************+ people died, and it was traumatic for people who were not used to seeing the horribly fucked up shit people like me and you are exposed to on a daily basis.

Your such a fucking douchebag dude.

I rarely check your page anymore but everytime I do when i get on the subject of how stupid people on the internet can do, people cannot stop laughing at your lack of common sense.

its funny how you get an E boner because 13 and 14 year old kids respect you it really is

"Ryanimate says:

you are like a great user on NG and you like south park :)"

bet that makes your dick hard just reading it

go fucking die in a fire

of course they would not have gone who wants to go to work to just die. I'm sure if U.S. soldiers were told "hey we need you guys to go and clear out this mine field just start running and blow off your limbs" I doubt they'd do that even if they were gonna get a court martial.

-A very Toot kind of person

You fat...


LOL. With a name half as stupid as yours, I should know you're a goddamn retard.

If you weren't alive for Pearl Harbor, how would you know how pissed America was? pretty sure isn't sure, as you have no evidence.

There is no 'peace' for the victims. There's no healing, there's just the space in time before something tragic happens again that pushes it out of perspective.

What gives me the right? If I had no rights, i couldn't have typed this on the INTERNET. Cunt.

Rest of your shit is too stupid to comment on bit by bit. Throw yourself off a bridge you idiot. :)