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Remember Y2K?


lol have you seen the viral video on the web where a woman who sees and films a rainbow effect on her spirnkler as the light diffracts through the water molecules. SHE BLAMES IS ON POLLUTION !!!

Oh and global warming is a media scare and poor sciences correlation between temp and co2 rises does not equal correlation (therefore correlation does not always equal causation in sceinces, i should now im studing for a biological sciences degree)

Im pleased with this post, at least i know someone with thier head screwed on the right way



People are idiots, for a start, particles have only been fired at the moment, not crashed.

However Scientists DID say there was a very small chance of deadly blackholes but never mentioned it again after people began to worry. Honestly if you spent all that money on an experiment like that you would cover your tracks too.

This is not a fair fight, if you're right then you can say that you was right after all this shit, but if you're wrong then you gonna be burning in hell and no one can say that you were wrong, so no point in argumenting.

There is no hell.

LHC whats that? if it doesnt kill us we might live for another 20 or 30 years right

it's a controlled experiment to test the big bang theory.

so speculate it'll open black holes, others, it will create alternate universes.

LHC is the large hadron collider or something, search Large Hadron Collider on google. It happened earlier today

All the more reason to wait to kill yourself.

hoo ray for mass hysteria!!!

for all those who are worried about this. the real testing doesn't start until middle of next month....


and kill yourself just for good measure

Ya, nuthing too big is going to happen, and if it does, I think the blackhole would wipe ppl faster than they could say "OMG!! WE'RE GONNA DAI!!"

(yes, Y2K is a good example)

I think you take this way too serious just like that Indian girl. Nobody was serious obviously when they happily put at the end of their posts. "Oh wait I forgot We are all going to Die Tomorrow! :D"

Stop acting like it's such a big deal.

doesn't start till middle of next month huh,
now i won't have to a buy a gun to off myself. sweet.

The world was supposed to end on 01/01/00.
Then it was supposed to end on 01/01/01.
Then it was supposed to end on 02/02/02.
Then it was supposed to end on 03/03/03.
Then it was supposed to end on 04/04/04.
Then it was supposed to end on 05/05/05.
Then it was supposed to end on 06/06/06.
Then it was supposed to end on 07/07/07.
Then it was supposed to end on 08/08/08.

i´ve asked of the end of the world bcause the LHC to a bishop and he told me that god won't let us all fall, he loves his creation. I mean, some part of the mankind can be destroyed but no EVERYTHING.

sure it is but just in 6 billion years, when the sun runs out of hydrogens and expands and destroys the first 3 planets closest too it

I hope you know that the Ice poles are flipping for that There is no Ice in the North Pole anymore and South Pole is completely frozen. 0_0 I do think Doomsday isn't coming anyway though.

Dude that is apsolutly amazing. It almost gives proof for my religon that i discovred. Thats damn right just no words for it. making black wholes and new universes sounds intence. I want to be able to be the god to the next universe.

You are So f***king right. I worship this Blog because everyone does have there nose in a fucking book and when they tell it to the church, then the thinks their gonna die any FUCKING SECOND! I was paranoid at first but now I think it's a load of buulshit!!!!!!!!!!!! And the black hole theory, HA what a load of bigger shit, the dinasaurs, were fucking idiots, We've put satelites in space. yeah the moonlanding was mostlikely FAKE! But who cares you have got the right Idea Man More Power to ya, my animations are on there way so look out for Suicidle bitch and oh my fucking god it's a fucking meteor, or The Brown Hole Theory:-)

Nah, The hard core christians aren't worried because they say only God will cause the end. >________>


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